Lezione Prof. Alessandro Benati (University of Portsmouth)

Lunedì 19 marzo alle ore 14.00 presso la Sala riunioni al II piano di Palazzo Venera, il Prof. Alessandro Benati (University of Portsmouth) terrà una lezione dal titolo: “What we know about second language acquisition and its implications for language teaching”.
Studenti, docenti e lettori sono cordialmente invitati a partecipare.

Abstract del’intervento
The study of second language acquisition is the study of how learners come to create a new language system with often a limited exposure to the second language. It is the study of how they can make use of that system during comprehension and speech production. Research carried out in this context is often about learners and learning. However, the main findings of this research have implications for teachers and teaching.
Theory and research in in this field has emphasized the complexity of acquisition processes. How learners process language, how they intake it and accommodate it into the new language system, and how the access the information for speech production are key areas of research in second language acquisition. In this talk we examine what we know about how second language acquisition happens and how this knowledge might influence language teaching.

Alessandro Benati is Head of School of Languages and Area Studies and Professor of Second Language Acquisition at the University of Portsmouth. He has published ground-breaking research with James Lee on processing instruction. He is a scholar in the area of second language acquisition where he has investigated the effects of instruction on the acquisition of grammatical properties by second language learners.