International Students 

Graduates’ occupational profiles

Graduates with a Master’s Degree in Euro-American Languages, Literatures and Philologies are professional figures who can successfully tackle specific social needs and realities in a variety of fields, such as school education, university and research, cultural promotion and international cooperation.

They possess skills, high levels of knowledge, behavioural/communicative qualities and a critical sensibility allowing them to

  • hold high positions in the institutes of international cultural cooperation and Italian institutions abroad, such as embassy premises, consulates, cultural organizations;
  • work for public tourist offices and the private sector, such as the hotel and catering industries;
  • perform relevant tasks in the publishing industry and bodies committed to cultural promotion;
  • have roles of responsibility in the production chain relating to publishing and translation (as translators, editors, proofreaders);
  • collaborate within the librarianship field and archival collection systems, in public or private foundations;
  • teach in public and private schools, after complying with the specific legal requirements;
  • carry out research activities in a university setting, including the enrollment in PhD programmes in Foreign Literatures and/or Languages, Linguistics, and Philology.