International Students 

Recognition of qualifications earned abroad and declarations of equivalence of Master’s Degrees

The students who hold a degree from abroad and intend to apply for a recognition of their qualification in terms of equivalence with the Master’s Degree in Euro-American Languages, Literatures and Philologies must proceed as specified here: Titoli accademici esteri.

Before officially submitting their request, however, they might apply for a pre-evaluation of the suitability of their qualification by emailing the Presidente del corso and the Unità didattica.

When sending their email, they should enclose the following documents:

  • a copy of the foreign academic degree accompanied by an Italian translation and a declaration of value;
  • a copy of the list of the exams taken in the foreign degree course accompanied by an Italian translation;
  • a copy of the exams’ syllabi accompanied by an Italian translation;
  • if the country where the student has earned his/her title adheres to a different system from the ECTS structure, further details regarding the exams’ workload and subjects should be provided in order to allow the pre-evaluation committee to properly assess equivalences.

The pre-evaluation committee will examine the documents and give an informal feedback.

In order to formalize his/her application, the student must follow the procedure relating to Titoli accademici esteri as specified above.