International Students 

Key learning outcomes

Master’s Degrees enhance high qualification in deeply specialized areas.

Our Degree Programme’s profile and structure aim to provide students with a thorough knowledge and methodological skills connected with one or two European language/s and literature/s, along with theoretical instruments and within a comparative perspective.

Students who graduate in Euro-American Languages, Literatures and Philologies are expected to achieve:

  • an excellent command, both written and oral, of one or two European languages and an in-depth knowledge of their corresponding literary traditions, including those pertaining to the countries where a European language is spoken;
  • a thorough acquaintance with the fundamentals of linguistic theories, including those relating to foreign language teaching;
  • an in-depth knowledge of European literary and cultural history, with a specific focus on one or two European or extra-European literatures;
  • the mastery of theoretical and methodological tools for the analysis of the literary text and an expertise in philological and comparative approaches;
  • the main computer skills relating to the area of competence.

The Master’s Degree in Euro-American Languages, Literatures and Philologies also offers opportunities to undertake curricular internships (from 6 to 9 credits) in professional companies and qualified institutions. For further information on this possibility and perspectives in the professional field, please write to