18 aprile 2016 – Andriy Danylenko su “What’s in a Name? On the Names of Vernacular Languages in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth”

Lunedì 18 aprile 2016, ore 15.00

Sala Riunioni di Palazzo Venera (Via Santa Maria, 36)

Andriy Danylenko (Pace University)

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What’s in a Name? On the Names of Vernacular Languages in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


The paper deals with different names used in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Kingdom of Poland and Ruthenia to refer to vernacular languages as used in these territories until the disintegration of the Polish-Lithuanian State. The author discusses the place of the languages in the hierarchy of ethno-linguistic values. Unlike Lithuania and especially Poland, the Ruthenians resorted to the principles of “linguistic democratism” as cultivated first in the times of Old Church Slavonic.


Andriy Danylenko is professor of Russian and Slavic Linguistics in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. He holds a Ph.D. in General Linguistics from the Moscow People’s Friendship University (Russia). He is the editor and author of several books on Slavic linguistics and philology as well as dozens of studies on a wide array of topics ranging from Indo-European to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to standard Ukrainian. Among his books are Ukrainian (in co-authorship with Serhii Vakulenko, Munich: LincomEuropa, 1995), Slavica et Islami­ca: Ukrainian in Context (Munich: Otto Sagner, 2006), Grammaticalization and Lexicalization in Slavic languages (Munich, Berlin, Washington, DC: Otto Sagner; in co-editorship), From the Bible to Shakespeare: Pantelejmon Kulis (1819–1897) and the Formation of Literary Ukrainian (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2016). Dr. Danylenko has been recipient of several prestigious fellowships, including two Fulbright research grants (Harvard University, 1997; University of Warsaw, Poland, 2016), Eugene and Daymel Shklar (Harvard University, 2008), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Hokkaido University, Japan, 2013). He is an editorial Board member of several publications, a reviewer for numerous scholarly publications and programs both in North America, Europe, and Japan.