The scope of irony and other typologies – Prof. Eleni Kapogianni

Abbiamo il piacere di annunciare che la prof.ssa Eleni Kapogianni (University of Kent, Regno Unito) terrà una lezione dal titolo “The scope of irony and other typologies” martedì 4 maggio 2021 alle ore 10:00.

La lezione si svolgerà su piattaforma Microsoft TEAMS (link per accedere). Di seguito un breve abstract.

“In this talk I will approach verbal irony as an operation that takes place at the semantics-pragmatics interface, suggesting a typology that is based on how it can vary in terms of scope (i.e. the different units of meaning it operates on). I will also compare this to alternative typologies, shedding light on the theoretical and methodological implications of choosing the criteria that form a categorisation basis for the diverse array of ironic forms and strategies”.